As a Healing Facilitator, a Visionary Painter, a Writer  and a Presenter of Spiritual Growth Events I am richly blessed to be a clear Channel for Spirit.

As a Painter,   I Am co-creating with Spirit, in alignment with the fulfillment of the Divine Plan, beautiful & unique  “Paintings for the Soul”, all imprinted with High Vibrational Encodings assisting you on your Life’s journey.  . Through this Oneness with Spirit, we are co-creating and bringing forth Planetary, Cosmic and Universal Love & Beauty, assisting Humanity to accelerate the integration and healing of the many facets of themselves across all Time, Space, Planes, Dimensions & Realities. The Colours, Titles and Descriptions are all given to me by Spirit – I am simply the willing vehicle for creation. Whether a ‘Personal Soul Painting” or a “Soul Painting” to grace your home or workplace, these Powerful Paintings are a Gift that keeps on giving.

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As a Healing Facilitator,     I AM bringing through the Christ Energies with the Highest Integrity, to help Heal, Balance & restore on all Levels. In the Presence of Spirit, Powerful Energies flow freely through me, in the form of Light Language through my Voice & Vibrational Energies through my Hands, assisting the client’s healing by releasing disordered resonances & accelerating their ability to step forward into the fullness of their power on all levels, physical, emotional, mental & spiritual – enabling their bodies to hold greater love & light within their cellular structure. Whether Present or Distant, the results  from the subtle to the profound are experienced.

Distance Healing provides the recipient with a series of mp3 files consisting of the recorded Light Language & Personal Guidance of  Spirit assisting with the Issues requiring attention. The results, from the subtle to the profound, leave the client with a sense of inner peace, mental clarity, increased energy and  upliftment.  Or you may prefer a Skype session – My Skype name is ‘Suunsheenah’, where you can experience the  energies first hand.                      

Skype Sessions, can take the form of a spontaneous ‘Energetic healing’ or whatever you as a client desires.

Akashic Record Readings require  guidance prior to our Session. These remain a most popular Service.

Testimonial                                                                                                                                  Luck Pia NG – Singapore.  Thank U so much, I am very blessed to receive the energies! The vibrations went very deep, into each and every of my cells….I was surrounded by brilliant white light for the whole day when I listened to the files the 1st time. Simply awesome! Even now, as I continue to listen to them at night before bed, I am still not quite ‘on earth’ when I wake up the next morning. Haha! I am already feeling the change and surely will benefit greatly from the session. Many, many thanks and much blessings,  Luck

As a Writer,    I AM Blessed to channel the Universal Wisdom of the Masters in the form of Poetry & other writings

As a Teacher/Presenter,  I AM a dedicated, Intuitive channel for Spirit, guided to run Meditation evenings & Spiritual Growth Events for specific purpose. These High Energy Events, over lighted by the Ascended Masters & the Star Nations, bring through me, Light Language & Vibrational Energies, to support, clear & activate our Being on all Levels, as our bodies adapt to our new 5th Dimensional reality.. I am grateful to the wonderful teachers who have come into my life with regular synchronicity – “when the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear.”

From Spirit:- “This is a time of great change & it is our desire to assist Humanity to evolve to it’s fullest potential”  They wish also “… to bring through to all, the energies to assist your physical vehicle during this cycle, as your physical structure evolves from density to LIGHTness of Being”

So we – Humanity, are being invited to raise our own vibrations & live a ‘Conscious’ life, helping to restore Love & Balance to all that is.

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I also offer-

  • Online Meditations with Light Language, to assist you on your journey.
  • Free Light Language Activations.                                                                      Koha by Paying it forward

See Meditations & Activations Menu Disclaimer -Gifted from Spirit, the use of all audio files, , are used at the sole discretion of the user.