“When the Student is ready, the Teacher will appear…”

Throughout my Life’s journey,  I have had many Teachers -especially my Beloved family. Many are those whose own journeys have  ‘pushed my buttons’, attended my Presentations, supported my Co-creations & whose books I have read & Events I have attended, all confirming my own deep Knowing of ALL that is & expanding my own Consciousness in such a deep, meaningful & loving way. .To the many, I AM Eternally grateful.

Here, you will find a few of those whom, from my Heart,  I recommend:-

Judy Satori – “Sunshine before the Dawn”- Your heart will respond & you will remember why you came here to Earth.  Channeled from Spirit &  available from her website – www.thesoundoflight.comSunshine Before the Dawn

Gail  Yip-Chuck- “Food for the New Life” – Star wisdom knowledge embedded in a diet book.”  Channeled from Spirit & available from her website -www.alternativemedicalhealing.comThe New Life Diet

Little Grace – “Dry Your Tears”- A Mother finds the Gift of Love through grief. channeled from Spirit. Your Tears 1

Katrece – Bridger of Light – “I am a consciousness guide and galactic earth representative….”  Agent for Kate King Vibrational Jewellery. www.bridgeroflight.comVibrational Jewellery