Q & A


Q]   “What are Vibrational Energies &  Encodings?”

A] “Science tells us that everything is made of Energy which consists of varying degrees of Colour,  Light & Sound. It is our own senses that ’pick up’ these vibrational energies.  As we begin to live more conscious lives, our personal  vibration is heightened, expanding our awareness all many levels, Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual etc. The “Encodings” are Specific  Vibrational  Energies for Specific purpose, eg – “Addictions” helps to release/dissolve  Fears.”

Q]   “How do I choose & why do I dislike some?”

A] “ You choose what resonates with you -these Vibrations soothe, support & help you release & heal. It is also ideal to choose 1 or 2 that you don’t like—these are the Ones that have the gifts to help you clear Disordered Resonances from the cells of your body –your Soul will thank you.”

Q] “How do I use them?’

R] “ Simply have them in a place where you can quietly Focus or meditate with the Energies within the Painting & with conscious intent, breathe the vibrations into your being, taking time after for the Energies to integrate throughout your Being. The more you work with these energies, the deeper will be their effect, continuing to shift negative vibrations & limitations, both conscious and unconscious  Full guidance comes with all paintings.  You may choose to work with more than 1  at a time – be aware of how you are feeling,  be discerning.”

Q] “What may I experience?”

R] “Your experience depends  on the following:- the vibrational strength of the painting you are working—some carry very strong vibrations, others, very gentle—all have ‘trigger points’ of varying degree & are powerful in their own right. If you should feel a bit light headed or emotional, stop working with this energy for a while—drink some water & allow the energies to integrate throughout your energy bodies.  You may feel nothing obvious at all -that is fine too. Many energies will be working at a subtle level.”

Q] “Will online viewing effect me?”

R] “The energetic vibration received via the website is minimal as the images are of reduced resolution. Full benefit is received when working personally with your chosen piece/s.”

Q] “Can the prints be framed?’

R] “You can have them framed, but preferably not covered with glass.I personally, use double sided tape onto Foam Core Board slightly bigger than the Print so it’s not to bulky to store in between usage.”

Q] “ When do I stop using the Images?’’

R] “As the Paintings have many layers, you may feel you have ‘finished’- It is ideal to continue meditating with them as they work on your deeper levels of  Consciousness & you may feel nothing is happening—You will know instinctively.”

Q] “How does Distance Healing work & how much does it cost?’

R] “Everything is a Vibration.  When a client requires Distance Healing, they email me their Birth Name, Birth Date & Place of Birth, plus the ‘Issues’ they would like Spirit to address.  In a surrendered state, I offer Spirit all the information given & the appropriate Vibrational Light Language for each issue is channeled through me & recorded onto MP3 file/s which are then emailed back to the client with any further guidance from Spirit.  A very simple, effective & Powerful gift to yourself, where ever in the World, you live.

The exchange of energy is $95.00 payable into my PayPal account.

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