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The Codes of Consciousness


12″ x 12″ [30cm x 30cm] AMAZING expansion on all Levels.

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“The Codes of Consciousness are within your Soul,

for they are ALL that your Being makes Whole.

Connecting with Source to find ALL that you are,

for with Love in your heart, you’ll ne’er have to go far.

So Breathe these Vibrations, deep into your Being,

for Encoded are all the Symbols you’re seeing.

Powerful they are, much more than you know,

so Breathe them in deep Dear, and watch yourself grow.

For the Codes of pure Consciousness are all held within-

so Breathe them in deep Dear, this place to begin

to awaken your memories, asleep since the Time

that you came from the Stars from a Life so sublime

compared to this place, you call Mother Earth,

a place you have experienced many a Birth.

So Breathe deep within Dear, these Vibrations again,

that these energies will help you transmute all your Pain.

For the Realms of Heaven await here within,

these Codes of Consciousness, for you to begin

to expand your whole Being by staying on course

to your connection with God, that almighty Force.”


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Prints -300mmx300mm / 12″x12″ -Card -$15