“Held within, & expanding from the Heart of the Goddess, is the Vibration of Pure Divine Love. Pure in it’s Highest form, for it is from the Purest of Light that you were created. Touched by Source, We, of the Realms of Heaven, Bless You with our Vibration. As Venus is known as the Goddess […]


“Dearest Ones of the Light- for this is whom you are – Born of the Light, and Now, remembering this is whom You are. You are Magnificent Star beings, created in the Image of your Maker. You are ‘Joy Expressed’ in all its Divinity. This image embodies the ‘Joy’ of our Creator – the energies […]


A Blessings from Archangel Michael and Mary Magdalene.  “Beloved Children of the Light.  May this Crystal Light of the Christ, unfold in Your Hearts as You learn to be free…”


“The Energies within are encoded with the Platinum Ray Vibration. This Vibration will assist those who work with these energies, to integrate into their Cellular structure, the Crystalline resonance of that we call the “New Earth”,…cont’d


‘Beyond the Veil, for all to see the Truth of Your Reality- The Illusion removed with Ease & Grace, to finally see what’s in it’s place. The Majesty & Grandeur that is the ALL- The Love that’s always been Your call. Your Mind that’s often been a tool- Your Heart, it’s toy it chose to […]

The Master Blue Crystal of Atlantis

“Transported from the Golden Age of Atlantis, this Image is imbued with the Energies that the Starseeds brought with them to Atlantis. This Vibration will open up your channels to this Ancient Knowledge……..I, Lord Metatron,  Bless you with this sacred Knowledge”

The Codes of Consciousness

“…So Breathe these Vibrations, deep into your Being, for Encoded are all the Symbols you’re seeing. Powerful they are, much more than you know, so Breathe them in deep Dear, and watch yourself grow. For the Codes of pure Consciousness are all held within- so Breathe them in deep Dear, this place to begin…”

Wings of Light

“The Encoded Symbols & Geometry within carry the Vibrations of  ALL THAT IS – All You were, You are & will ever be – ONE with our Creator. Breathe  these Energies into Your Being, awakening & expanding Your Consciousness…”


“There are no words to describe the Vibrations Encoded within -It is a feeling – a BEingness with ALL that is – Pure, Incandescent, Boundless Love…”

Archangel Uriel

“It is I, Archangel Uriel, who Blesses this work with my Vibration. Encoded within are the Energies to assist One with raising their Vibration of Trust – Trust in ALL that is…”

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

“This Image carries the Vibration of the Emerald Tablets.  I, Thoth,  invite You to travel with Me,  throughout ALL the Realms of Time and Space…”

The Paintings

As a clear Channel for Spirit, I am fulfilling my own Life’s Purpose, lovingly co-creating with Spirit, “Paintings for the Soul.” Each creation, in alignment with the fulfillment of the Divine Plan, is encoded with Specific High Vibrational Energies, assisting you to integrate and heal the many facets of yourself from across all Time, Space, Planes, Dimensions & Realities.

Creation is Infinite, so why not consider a PERSONAL “SOUL PAINTING” as a treasured gift - Click here for details

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PLEASE NOTE- ALL Images featured on the Gallery pages are of reduced resolution- the Prints YOU receive carry the Full & Powerful Vibrations of the Original

Latest News

As I continue to witness the lack of abundance in others lives, I warmly invite you to download the free mp3 files that may resonate with you, to support you on your journey.

April 14th sees our Meditation evenings continue to fly high this year- the key word being Magic. Join us throughout this amazing "Year of the Dragon Fly", who constantly bring us messages of Love, Light & Magical gifts when you are open to receive.

LOVING WISDOM from a beloved friend-
"Precious Souls. Just feel the Love in your heart that You Are and share it with every aspect of yourself, your body, your looks, your emotions, whatever you feel. Your thoughts, even when you think, doubt, or over work, just stop and pour Love to it all."


“Life is a Treasure Hunt and YOU are the Treasure”…Jeshua